#tbt Selous..snakes, elephants and serenity 

Selous . Since, it’s thursday I figured it’s only appropriate to #tbt a lovely trip , that I went on with my family in 2013. 

Selous, is one of the largest game reserves in the world . It is situated in Tanzania (best country ever) . This getaway, leaves little to the imagination with its diverse selection of animals and plants. 

In 2013 mid August . A very frustrated man decided to remove his millennial children  , from their box eyed cellphones and himself from lengt8h  traffic in Dar for a 3 day getaway, at The Retreat in Selous .

At the airport finding out where selous was. 

Completely unprepared , we landed onto the bumpy, red (aparently secure)  sandy, landing strip . Sceptical, from the very beginning . We immediately searched for the car- afraid the lions would make a feast out of us . 

 A picture of a 15 year old me ,blitzing to the car .

Under the safety of the car . Our worries hushed , peering around we were awakened to the possibility of a harmless world, with the serene atmosphere that surrounded our sight . 

Unfortuntely bad quality  photo  of gazelles and a gorgeous flamingo.

We arrived at The Retreat, a paradise that is true to its name. Brown walls, wide open areas , and 1st class treatment. 

Settling into our rooms , that were in the midst of the forest. Oh and yes that is an elephant..about 1o metres away. 

Our room choice , thank goodness to the advantage of low season , was a charming honeymoon suite that featured a cool relaxing pool .

Family outdoor picnic by a river.

Facing the crisis . 

But of course what’s a safari trip without a crisis. Yeah ! you guessed it..as we were Game driving . The tires of the car got stuck in the mud (I knew we were too heavy for the car)  which left us stranded…while we contemplated our lives .

Alas , the minor struggle  . The hotel was lovely and the stay was a relief from the constantly chirp of industrialisation. 

If I had the chance to go back and retire from technology . I definitely would choose this Safari Retreat .

LINK to the hotel:  http://www.retreat-africa.com/


New year another layer of me 

After finishing school. (Partially finshing) I realised that I should let go. and that’s exactly what I did . I let everything go. 

I started by letting go all the people I cared about that didn’t reciprocate the same frequncy of care. It wasn’t out of hostility , it was like choosing the best of whatever variety is presented to you. Not to say that I am better. It’s  to say that I have made peace with them. I’ve finished my passage with them .

I started to look at love very differently. What was once , the symbol for steamy kisses from a lover. Lost all the societal faces and my own concoctions. I began to look at love and life as one. 

  • First practise of my new thought of love, was through the beach .I enjoy the beach, but to make use of it. I had to return the favor , to gain consent of its luscious waves. I had to clean it , remove the calluses from its tender  beginning .
  • How? I was a co-initiator of a beach cleaning project . That is still running , although not as  efficiently but it’s a start. Because to love the ocean, it deserves the same amount of love. 

I recovered from my grudges , I’m still recovering . The recovery is steady , sometimes- I’m overcome by the past but most times I’m in control of my soul. I try to vibrate with the energies that resonate openness .  

I was not open to speaking before. I would speak to people who had similar thoughts to my own. And that is the most ruthless disease and destroyer of the soul. You need to let go, and absorb . Look again , really look till you’re eyes are sore like as if they’ve been blinded from the brightness of the sun. Until you’re sure you’ve seen , then look away formulating multiple thoughts . Keep looking don’t stop looking.

I started over in adding another layer  . 

Message to pass on, unravel. Find yourself. 

Recalling my brief reign at The Hyatt in Zanzibar stone town .

I recall going to paradise. It was in Stone Town Zanzibar at the Park Hyatt hotel . That I began believing in miracles. White walls , palatable food and a warm aura. I remember thinking…

Is this heaven or what ? walking into the luxurious Hyatt was..quite a task.             E v e r y single step involved a extra gasp of air . I was utterly taken by the hotel- from the  exquisite arrangement of the  interior , to the heightened resemblance of a Arabic palace . Which- demands you to feel the presence of rich history in the island.

Last but not least . As a design lover – seeing doors was it for me. The heavy royal wooden Zanzibari carved doors . Were so carefully crafted , touching the doors you can’t  even imagine  the struggle of the hands that pieced it ,so intricately together   . 

At the Park Hyatt . One would not only feel like a royal. But  there and then- become a royal . This is a truly splendid hotel.    

The blurry picture below , shows  the high cealings and wooden laced lights. Extending a peaceful  Mediterranean feel . 

Inviting inside bar/lounge 


The Reception on the left, low seating , glossy marble. Unexplainable ardor – welcoming you in . Perfect natural lighting. 

Just when I thought I had enough.  I stepped outside- only to be caressed  by a cool breeze . AND a beautiful parallel sight deposited just for my ease and enjoyment. 

The plan was to leave before  the darkness settled. As expected, it was extremely hard for me to leave . 

I’d like to end this very biased post, by highly advising you to stay at the hotel . If not for a night – then for at least a few brief seconds. Sit there and take it all in. 

bettering you

That’s how it starts out .
You begin informing others of your plans , they give you their opinion , but to not seem rude you entertain them . You ask more of what they think , before you know it . You’re getting a labelled plan of how things should happen . And by then it’s too late to make it pretty clear to them that it was a minor wish upon the sky that it was pretty while their images lasted. That’s what happens when you involve others in the happening of yourself . It’s easy to love and ask others to love but its another case when they enforce their love has to become yours

Who cares?

Their will be a point where you realize what is important and what is not . No one is going to invest time in people that do not bring some value in their lives or enhance their lives . People will narrow it down to the people that they care about  the most . And it will hurt. The people that care the most will stay and if you fight it is normal . You won’t coast , if you coast it might okay but you don’t want to be tip toing In a rose bush waiting for the thorns to prick you.

People will do whatever it takes to make something  out of their lives . If they need you , you will be there . You will feel needed. If not you will be like an extra on a movie set always waiting unknowing and unaware of when you will be called. But why put yourself through all that uncertainty,  if someone doesn’t need you it is best to just let go .

Strength in blackness

I never knew I was black until I moved to South Africa.

It is easy to say that I am invalid . That my reasons stoke and stream from falsity and privilege that people that are actually oppressed  do not have .  Many beg to differ that I am living in privilege that has the least relation to oppression .  Which does not make me oppressed? I beg to differ just as I beg for my voice to be heard . Firstly as a women secondly as black. As a woman I validate that I breathe struggle and difference  . The fear of being killed , my opinions trampled over due to an organ , my opinion never being hard enough, my voice to be taken seriously has to refrain from any quivering. My body is seen as a storage and a multiplier for popularity. My work ethic still not good enough for equal pay  . Any love I feel is crippling . The struggle is INFINITE . Fortunately enough.  I look different and my voice is different and no societal expectations can brake me. At least they don’t  determine who I am. I have utter strength.  In my quivering voice I rise. In my alarming tone I rise. Because what is in the wrapping of a gift rather than the gift itself. Let expectations grow and that is the utter annihilation of you.

As a black African woman .I am shapely. Not a fixed shape,  DRENCHED AND DIPPED in the knowledge of difference , blackness is melanin . Rich culture , food infusing your nostrils and mind. A continuous  struggle  that will never end. I’ve  never lived  lived day without knowing my blackness . That to me is important. I like the acknowledgement that my blackness comes with strength , but I am a human being . I deserve to be loved , I deserve and I am righted to feel however I want , oppression and strength cannot and shouldn’t stop me .